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Allison Dowling's story

Last year, pre-pandemic (a lifetime ago, I know), I joined Georgetown Law's Health Justice Alliance as the founding MLP director of the Cancer LAW Project. The Project provides no-cost legal services to Washington Cancer Institute patients and aims to reduce and eliminate barriers to care which results in more equitable health outcomes.

I learned through watching my mom battle breast cancer that the big C does not discriminate, but unfortunately our systems do. Navigating things like employee rights, disability benefit programs, and fighting for insurance coordination became the norm for her, but our best days were when we had a village of support behind us. From helping us navigate (and google) "how to wash a wig," to teaching us how to flush a PICC line, it was the helpers that allowed us to have hope and sanity.

I ride for the helpers, the doctors, the nurses, the MAs, the PAs, the social workers, the lawyers, the nutritionists, and the kind-hearted people that go to work each day with a smile on their faces.

As I set out to crazily/stupidly ride 100 miles in memory of my mom, please consider donating what you can to a worthy cause.

BellRinger is a bike ride and a year-round effort to end cancer. Our movement is motivated by a community of Riders, Virtual Riders, volunteers, and donors working together to further our impact. I've made a commitment to fundraising, and I invite you to join me by donating to my effort and supporting life-saving cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.