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Beverly Taridona's story

I like dogs! No … correction … I am OBSESSED with dogs!
If you have spent 5 minutes in conversation with me, you already know that I have the wonderful privilege and joy of sharing my life with 300+ lbs of rescue dogs! My obsession with dogs has led me to voraciously consume everything about man’s (or more accurately, this woman’s) best friend. Recently, a blog post from a fellow canine-enthusiast about a study funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation that trains dogs to detect the odor of human disease caught my attention. The dogs are currently trained to detect cancer, Parkinson’s disease, malaria and even COVID-19. As a result of this study, researchers are now looking into a dog’s remarkable olfactory skills to develop a robotic nose that may offer a non-invasive way to diagnose a disease. Cool, right?
Hearing about this study made me wonder – how else are dogs making an impact in the world of cancer? Turns out that there are a number of NCI-supported clinical trials addressing cancer in dogs. These studies have informed improvements in caring for dogs with cancer, but astoundingly, the treatments and approaches with dogs are translated to help people with cancer. Since 2003, NCI has been using this information in a field known as comparative oncology.
These incredible innovations are at the core of the National Cancer Institute’s mission to advance scientific knowledge through research. And the 71 NCI-designated Cancer Centers around the US is where the research and treatments come to life. What I didn’t realize is that there is only one NCI-designated center in the DC area – Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Now selfishly, I would find it a wonderful stress-deterrent if I were ever faced with a doctor’s appointment for a potential cancer diagnosis and walked into a room with friendly, tail wagging (disease detecting) pup.
But I also take comfort in the fact that there is a strong local leader and resource with Georgetown Lombardi – delivering prevention, cancer care and scientific discovery serving our community. In support of the dedicated researchers and institutions that are constantly searching for the unique, out-of-the-box interventions and preventions to make strides in this terrible disease, I have committed to ride in the inaugural BellRinger 2021 this Fall.
Join me by donating or riding to support Georgetown Lombardi. And, as always, to honor all the survivors, previvors, warriors and the far too many loved ones lost to or fighting this disease – like Bridget, Andrea, Jan, Emily, Craig, Karen (and my two fur babies – Hagen and Bear).