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BellRinger is a bike ride and community movement raising money for cancer research at Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. Our movement centers on BellRinger Weekend, where our community bands together to ride their bikes through D.C. and Maryland. We invite you to join us as Riders or volunteers during your time as a Hoya in our pursuit of a cancer free future.


With routes spanning 25, 50, and 100 miles – BellRinger is an unmissable experience on each student’s yearly calendar. From the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening to an early morning start on Saturday from campus, gear up for live entertainment, great food, a scenic ride through Maryland, and your biggest fans cheering you on as you finish your Ride to end cancer.


For full time Georgetown undergraduate and graduate students who choose to Ride, BellRinger offers a student fundraising commitment that is 50% of normal fundraising commitments:

  • 25-mile Riders: $500 fundraising commitment
  • 50-mile Riders: $625 fundraising commitment
  • 100-mile Riders: $750 fundraising commitment

All student fundraising must be complete by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 23, 2024 in order to Ride in BellRinger on October 26, 2024.


Volunteers are the backbone of BellRinger Weekend — bringing the energy, hard work, and dedication that makes Ride Weekend an unforgettable experience. Sign up as an individual, with a friend, or with your whole organization, and join the BellRinger community in ending cancer right here on Georgetown’s campus. Volunteers are encouraged to fundraise alongside Riders and Virtual Riders but do not have fundraising commitments of their own.

Build a Team

Gather your friends or your student organization and build your very own BellRinger team. Take part in our Student Team Leaderboard and see where you stack up against other Hoyas. Teams can consist of Riders and volunteers and are a great way to join together with others in the fight to end cancer.

2023 Student Team Leaderboard

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon Logo

    Sigma Phi Epsilon

    54 Riders

  • The CORP Logo, a student organization at Georgetown University


    25 Riders

  • BellRinger Green Logo

    Georgetown MiM '24

    24 Riders

  • BellRinger Green Logo


    20 Riders

  • BellRinger Green Logo

    Hilltop Consultants

    13 Riders

  • Georgetown Krebs Cycle Logo

    Georgetown Krebs Cyclers

    12 Riders

  • BellRinger Green Logo

    Georgetown Kappa

    9 Riders

  • BellRinger Green Logo

    Georgetown AEPi

    7 Riders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Student Riders
  • Student Volunteers
  • Student Teams
  • Student Fundraising
  • When is BellRinger Weekend?

    BellRinger Weekend is October 25-26, 2024. The Ride will take place on Saturday, October 26, 2024 and will be preceded by an Opening Ceremony on the evening of Friday, October 25, 2024.

  • What qualifies someone as a student Rider?

    Any full time undergraduate or graduate student of Georgetown University can register as a student Rider by clicking the register button on this page. If you’ve registered for BellRinger through our normal registration process but think you may qualify as a student Rider, please reach out to

  • I want to Ride. Are there fundraising requirements?

    Yes, there is a minimum fundraising commitment for all BellRinger Riders, including students. However, student fundraising commitments are reduced by 50% from normal fundraising commitments. They are as follows:
    25 miles – a commitment of $500 for cancer research
    50 miles – a commitment of $625 for cancer research
    100 miles – a commitment of $750 for cancer research

  • What happens if I don’t meet my fundraising commitment?

    We know that $500-$750 seems like a lot of money. And while we have seen that the vast majority of student Riders are able to meet these commitments, we don’t want BellRinger to be a stressful experience for you. So for student Riders that don’t meet their fundraising commitments, they are just de-registered from the Ride. That’s it. There’s no personal risk to you for giving this a shot. But we think you’ll be surprised at what you’re able to accomplish.

  • Is there a registration fee for student Riders?

    No! As part of our student Rider program, the normal registration fee is waived for student Riders.

  • What if I don’t have a bike?

    As part of our student Rider program, BellRinger will provide complimentary bike and helmet rentals for any student Rider in need of a bike. You’ll be able to request a bike on your student registration, or after registration by emailing

  • Can I volunteer for BellRinger?

    Absolutely! There will be ample volunteer opportunities during BellRinger Weekend. Volunteers are the backbone of Ride Weekend, bringing the energy, hard work, and dedication that makes BellRinger Weekend an unforgettable experience.

  • How can I register to volunteer?

    You can register to volunteer by clicking the register button on this page. When you register as a student volunteer, we’ll work with you to ensure that you are assigned a volunteer location that you will be able to get to as a student. If you’ve registered to volunteer through our normal registration process but are a student, please reach out to

  • Can I register to volunteer with my friends?

    Of course! Email after everyone has registered to volunteer and we will ensure that you are all located together.

  • Do volunteers have a minimum fundraising commitment?

    Volunteers do not have a fundraising commitment, but they are able to fundraise just like Riders if they choose to do so. Each volunteer will have a Volunteer Profile and a Volunteer Dashboard that they can use to fundraise.

  • What is a team?

    A team is a group of Riders and/or volunteers. Creating a team allows you and your friends or your student organization to participate in BellRinger together. Teams can train and fundraise together leading up to BellRinger Weekend. In addition to the individual Rider Profile pages, a separate Team Profile page allows you to highlight your team roster and share why your team is riding.

    Student teams compete against each other during the lead up to BellRinger on our student team leaderboard. Check back each week to see how your student team stacks up against other student teams!

  • How do I join a team?

    You can join a team during your student registration process or afterwards by emailing

  • How do I start a team?

    If you’d like to create your own team, you can do so during or after the registration process. During the registration process you’ll be prompted to join or create a team, and you can let us know the name of the team you would like to create. After registration, you can create a team by emailing

  • What is team fund sharing?

    Each Rider has an individual fundraising commitment. These fundraising commitments in total up to a team’s total fundraising commitment. In order for every member of a team to be able to Ride in BellRinger, the team just needs to have met its total fundraising commitment.

    If the team has not met its total fundraising commitment but one or more Riders on the team have exceeded their individual fundraising commitments, the team captain can email to work on distributing those excess funds to help other Riders on the team meet their individual fundraising commitments.

  • How do I fundraise?

    We know it seems daunting, but we promise that fundraising for BellRinger is easy and achievable. Here are a few rules of thumb to get you started:

    Small donations add up. No one fundraises for BellRinger hundreds of dollars at a time. Small $10, $15, and $20 donations add up quickly to help you achieve your goal.

    Social media is your best friend – especially Facebook. Post your Rider Profile link with a small blurb about why you’re Riding. Text your parents, aunts, uncles, or grandparents and ask them to share your post with their friends as well.

    Rule of 7: it takes the average person 7 times of seeing something before they are willing to act on it. Post, post, and post again (and 4 more times after that).

    Email! Not as flashy as social media, we know, but a direct appeal to friends and family is a lot harder for them to ignore than a social media post that they can scroll right past.

  • When is the student fundraising deadline?

    The student fundraising deadline for BellRinger 2024 is 11:59 PM on Wednesday, October 23, 2024. If you and/or your team have not met your fundraising commitment by this time, you will be de-registered from BellRinger 2024.

  • Can I use BellRinger marketing materials for my personal fundraising efforts?

    Definitely! You are able to use BellRinger’s logos and other design elements for your personal fundraising efforts. You can access these logos in our 2024 asset kit located on the resources page or on your Rider Dashboard. Please send any final designs that use BellRinger’s assets to Alyssa Bielinski at for approval before publication and production.

  • What do I do if a donor hands me a check?

    We can take care of it for you! Please just mail the check to:

    500 First St. NW
    Washington, D.C. 20001

    Also, please be sure that your name is included in the memo line, so that we can ensure that the donation is credited to your Ride. If the donor made the check out to your name, you can sign the check over to BellRinger prior to mailing it in. Just write “Pay to the order of BellRinger” in the endorsement area on the back of the check and be sure to sign it as well.

100% of funds raised support

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