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BellRinger is an unmissable experience on each Rider’s yearly calendar. From the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening to an early morning start on Saturday from Georgetown University, gear up for live entertainment, great food, a scenic ride through Maryland, and your biggest fans cheering you on as you finish your Ride to end cancer.

  • 25 Miles

    Washington, D.C. to Germantown, MD

    I commit to raise $1000 for cancer research

    The 25-mile Ride leaves from Georgetown University. We’ll close Canal Road and Clara Barton Parkway, so Riders can enjoy a flat and scenic ride out of D.C. After crossing into Maryland, Riders will proceed up a slight incline at Persimmon Rd. headed into their first rest stop at Avenel Local Park. From there the Ride continues northwest through Potomac and through some light rolling hills into Germantown where Riders will finish at Northwest High School.

    Georgetown University
  • 50 Miles

    Washington, D.C. to Urbana, MD

    I commit to raise $1250 for cancer research

    The 50-mile ride leaves from Georgetown University. Riders will trace the 25-mile route through Germantown, Maryland, before proceeding northwest through Barnesville. Riders will pass Sugarloaf Mountain on their left side as they encounter some rolling hills on the way into the finish line in the center of Urbana. The 50-mile route is supported by three rest stops every 12-15 miles.

    Georgetown University
  • 100 Miles

    Washington, D.C. to Urbana, MD

    I commit to raise $1500 for cancer research

    The 100-mile route leaves from Georgetown University. Riders will trace the 25-mile and 50-mile routes through Germantown and Barnesville and will encounter some rolling hills as they pass Sugarloaf Mountain. We’ll have a full lunch stop just past Buckeystown prior to the start of five challenging hills that will test Riders’ legs across the final 35 miles of the Ride. Eight rest stops will support Riders along the way prior to the finish line in the center of Urbana.

    Georgetown University


  • Step 1


    Every Rider commits to raise funds that will support life-saving research at Georgetown Lombardi. Your fundraising commitment is based on your Ride distance.

  • Step 2

    Share your story

    We’ve all unfortunately been touched by cancer. BellRinger is all about our stories of why we ride and who we ride for. Update your Rider Profile to share your story with friends and family.

  • Step 3

    Make the ask

    Raising funds can be daunting, but we believe direct, personal asks are the most effective way to meet your commitment. For a full list of ideas, check out the Fundraising Toolkit.

  • Step 4

    Fundraising Deadline

    Don’t sweat the deadline. You have until 60 days after the ride – December 21, 2023 – to meet your commitment. You can also receive shared funds from your team. Remember whatever you aren’t able to raise by the deadline is your responsibility.

Why I Ride

  • “I think it’s the community that made BellRinger truly special. All throughout BellRinger Weekend, I made so many special connections. All these things created a weekend that I will never forget.”

    John Murphy,

    50 Mile Rider

  • “The only way we are going to crush cancer in our community is by coming together and helping the top minds at Georgetown Lombardi find a cure.”

    Noah Gearhart,

    50 Mile Rider

  • “The camaraderie and support among participants is truly heartwarming, as everyone comes together for one goal — ending cancer.”

    Todd Wendorff,

    25 Mile Rider

  • “We Ride because we owe our lives, and ability to live (fairly) normal lives, to the excellent care we’ve received from the Georgetown Lombardi medical team.”

    Lisa Shepard and David Morisden,


  • “Too many people that I love had to endure cancer. I ride for an end to cancer, so others’ family and friends do not have to fight the same battles.”

    Carly Hoffman,


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is BellRinger Weekend?

    BellRinger Weekend is October 20-21, 2023. The Ride will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2023 and will be preceded by an Opening Ceremony on the evening of Friday, October 20, 2023.

  • I want to Ride. Are there fundraising requirements?

    Yes, there is a minimum fundraising commitment for each route as follows:

    • 25 Miles — a commitment of $1,000 for cancer research
    • 50 Miles — a commitment of $1,250 for cancer research
    • 100 Miles — a commitment of $1,500 for cancer research
    • Virtual Ride — a commitment of $500 for cancer research

    Each Rider is required to accept BellRinger’s Fundraising Agreement and Cancellation Policy at the time of registration. Per the Fundraising Agreement and Cancellation Policy, Riders who do not meet their fundraising commitment by the fundraising deadline of December 21, 2023 will be charged the remainder of their fundraising commitment to their payment method provided at registration.

  • How much is the registration fee for Riders? Why do you charge a registration fee?

    The registration fee for Riders is $100. This fee helps cover the costs of a Rider participating in BellRinger Weekend and helps ensure that 100% of funds raised by Riders, Virtual Riders, and volunteers directly fund groundbreaking cancer research at Georgetown Lombardi. The registration fee helps to cover the costs of top-notch food at the finish lines, drinks and snacks at rest stops, safety measures on the route, and other costs associated with making BellRinger Weekend an unforgettable experience.

  • What are the routes? Are maps of the routes available?

    Check out the Ride page to learn more about the routes. Maps and turn by turn directions are available. As we are always working to ensure the safest and most enjoyable Ride experience, these routes may change slightly in the lead up to BellRinger. We will share the final turn by turn routes and downloadable GPS files with all Riders in the weeks leading up to BellRinger Weekend.

  • Which route should I select?

    We encourage you to register for a route that you are physically comfortable riding. As a rule of thumb, almost anyone on any bike can ride 25 miles with some training. For 50 miles, we suggest Riders train one or two times each week during the warmer months. For 100 miles, Riders should plan to commit to more intensive training.

  • How do I change my route distance?

    You can increase your route distance and corresponding minimum fundraising commitment at any time. If you choose to reduce your route distance prior to 11:59PM on September 21, 2023, your minimum fundraising commitment will also be reduced to correspond with your new Ride distance. If you’d like to reduce your route distance after 11:59 PM on September 21, 2023, please contact us directly at Ride@BellRinger.org. We will be sure to note your change in Ride distance for our volunteers helping out on BellRinger Weekend, however your minimum fundraising commitment will remain the same, in keeping with our Fundraising Agreement and Cancellation Policy.

    To increase your route distance or to decrease it prior to September 21, 2023, log in to your Rider Dashboard and click “Change My Route” from the menu on the right side.

  • When does the Ride start?

    We will depart Georgetown University as a group at 7:30 AM on Saturday, October 21, 2023. We’ll space everyone out to ensure a safe start, and we’ll provide ample information prior to the Ride on specific arrival times, parking details, and other logistics for Saturday morning.

  • What type of bike do I need?

    Just about any bike will get you across the 25-mile finish, but a hybrid will be most comfortable. If you are riding 50 or 100 miles, you may think about investing in a road bike. If you are interested in looking for a new bike, we’d be glad to help! Reach out to Ride@BellRinger.org and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

  • How should I train for BellRinger?

    We do recommend that everyone Riding in BellRinger does a bit of training beforehand. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Check out the BellRinger Training Guide.The training guide includes safety tips, suggested training schedules, and more.

    We recommend training based on your route distance and needs. 25-mile Riders will find it useful throughout the summer to go on a few bike rides building up to 25 miles in total distance. 50 and 100-mile Riders should develop training plans—alone or with your Team—and ride at least two times per week in the months leading up to the Ride.

    2023 training rides will begin in the spring! Keep your eyes peeled for further information on our social platforms.

  • What if I don't have a bike? Can I rent one from BellRinger?

    We’re partnering with Unlimited Biking to offer bike rentals for BellRinger Weekend. They’ll have hybrids, road bikes, and e-assist bikes available in a variety of sizes. Unlimited Biking provides complimentary helmets with all bike rentals. The BellRinger Team will send out communications once the rental bike reservation system has opened for 2023.

    When you book a bicycle with Unlimited Biking for BellRinger, you’ll have the option to pick up your bike at the Opening Ceremony on Friday, October 20, where it will be stored overnight in our bike corrals, or the morning of the Ride on Saturday, October 21.

    Once you’ve completed your Ride, our volunteers will grab your rental bike from you at the finish line and ensure that it is returned for you.

  • Is there a minimum age to ride in BellRinger?

    You must be at least 14 years of age to ride in BellRinger. Riders who are 14-15 years old may register to Ride the 25-mile and 50-mile routes. Riders who are 16 years and older may register for any of the routes. Parents or guardians will be required to execute the Rider Agreement and Waiver on behalf of the minor Rider, and each minor Rider must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Can I ride a tandem bicycle in BellRinger?

    Sure! Tandem bikes are a great way to participate in BellRinger with a friend or family member. Each Rider on the tandem bicycle must register separately and meet their own individual fundraising commitment for the route that is chosen.

  • Can I allow someone else to ride in my place in BellRinger?

    Unfortunately, we’ve got to say no on this one. Your registration as a Rider in BellRinger isn’t transferable, even if you don’t or can’t Ride in BellRinger for any reason, including any illness or injury that may limit or preclude your participation. You are not permitted to grant another person the right to Ride in BellRinger in your place under any circumstances.

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