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Volunteers are the backbone of Ride Weekend — bringing the energy, hard work, and dedication that makes BellRinger Weekend an unforgettable experience. Sign up, bring a friend, and join the BellRinger community in ending cancer.

BellRinger volunteer celebrating at the finish line
  • BellRinger Rider at Rider check-in being helped by a volunteer

    Opening Ceremony

    Be the first smiling face Riders see as they pick up their credentials and prepare for the Ride the following morning.

  • BellRinger rider/cancer survivor and volunteer after finish line

    Ride Day: 
Finish Lines

    From setting up or tearing down finish lines, cheering on Riders as they cross the finish, or ensuring their legs recover from all that riding — Finish Line volunteers are packed with energy and excitement.

  • BellRinger volunteers and child holding waffles

    Ride Day: 
Rest Stops

    With eight rest stops along the course, volunteers will direct Riders, provide snacks and refreshments, and send them off in style to tackle the rest of their Ride.

  • BellRinger camera man taking photos at the finish line


    Take part in capturing tangible memories that our community can look back on forever. Please note, this activity is specifically for photographers who are able to provide their own camera and necessary equipment.

  • BellRinger medical support tent

    Special Roles

    Special roles call for special skills to keep everyone safe on BellRinger Weekend. Join up as a medical volunteer, support vehicle driver, or mechanical volunteer.

Why I Volunteer

  • “I see BellRinger as a fantastic opportunity to contribute to advancement of clinical research and to support our clinicians and scientists in their work.”

    Mary Chris Ponder,

    Finish Line Volunteer

  • Kira Petro headshot at Opening Ceremony during BellRinger Weekend

    “As a volunteer, I was able to meet so many inspiring people throughout the weekend and experience the passion of BellRinger and what they do — a truly unforgettable experience that I’m thrilled to continue be a part of year after year.”

    Kira Petro,

    Opening Ceremony Volunteer

  • Caleb Klemick headshot

    “Volunteering for BellRinger gave me a way to support my community and a cause that’s important to me, while having a ton of fun along the way.”

    Caleb Klemick,

    Rest Stop Volunteer


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