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Volunteers are the backbone of Ride Weekend — bringing the energy, hard work, and dedication that makes BellRinger an unforgettable experience. Sign up, bring a friend, and join a community of people dedicated to ending cancer.

  • Opening Ceremony

    Be the first smiling face Riders see as they pick up their credentials and prepare for the Ride the following morning.

  • Ride Day: 
Rest Stops

    With eight rest stops along the course, volunteers will direct Riders, provide snacks and refreshments, and send them off in style to tackle the rest of their Ride.

  • Ride Day: 
Finish Lines

    From setting up or tearing down finish lines, cheering on Riders as they cross the finish, or ensuring their legs recover from all that riding — Finish Line volunteers are packed with energy and excitement.

  • Photography

    Take part in capturing tangible memories that our community can look back on forever. Please note, this activity is specifically for photographers who are able to provide their own camera and necessary equipment.

  • Medical Support

    Medical volunteers provide non-emergent medical suppor during the course of BellRinger Weekend. All medical volunteers must have baseline training and will be approved to participate by BellRinger’s Academic Health System Partner, MedStar Health.

  • Route Support

    Support and gear (SAG) Drivers are stationed along the route ready to assist Riders in the case of any mechanical issues during the Ride. Mechanical Volunteers stationed in SAG’s must have a valid drivers license.

Why I Volunteer

  • “Spending BellRinger Weekend with thousands of people determined to end cancer is an experience I will never forget. I can’t wait for 2024!”

    Nate Paisley,

    Finish Line Volunteer

  • “Bellringer has given me the opportunity to offer my time to contribute and support the impact the Georgetown Lombardi’s Cancer Center has in furthering cancer research. Together, we can all help end cancer once and for all.”

    Amy Dantin,

    Opening Ceremony Lead Volunteer

  • “I see BellRinger as a fantastic opportunity to contribute to advancement of clinical research and to support our clinicians and scientists in their work.”

    Mary Chris Ponder,

    Finish Line Lead Volunteer


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Volunteer
  • Can I volunteer for BellRinger?

    Absolutely! There will be ample volunteer opportunities during BellRinger Weekend. Volunteers are the backbone of Ride Weekend, bringing the energy, hard work, and dedication that makes BellRinger an unforgettable experience. Volunteers are needed to staff BellRinger’s Opening Ceremony and the Ride itself. We are always looking for Lead Volunteers who will guide groups of volunteers throughout BellRinger Weekend. If you are interested in becoming a Lead Volunteer, please email us at

  • Do volunteers have a minimum fundraising commitment?

    While volunteers do not have a fundraising commitment, they are encouraged to fundraise just like Riders and Virtual Riders if they choose to do so. Each volunteer will have a Volunteer Profile and a Volunteer Dashboard that they can use to fundraise.

  • What is the minimum age to volunteer?

    You must be at least 14 years old to volunteer, and any minor volunteers must have a parent or guardian’s permission in order to participate.

  • Can my children accompany me while I volunteer?

    The minimum age for volunteering is 14 years old. If you would like to have your family join you at a rest stop or finish line, we encourage them to come and cheer on Riders! Please be sure you have arranged for another adult to monitor your children during your shift so that you are able to focus on helping our Riders.

100% of funds raised support

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