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Not a ‘Why’, but a ‘Why Not’

Lead Volunteer Mary Kate Nihill shares her passions for BellRinger and giving back

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BellRinger volunteers at a table in a park

In a world  where cancer has impacted the lives of countless people and their loved ones, there are others who choose to stand up and make a difference. Mary Kate Nihill is one such person who has made it her life’s mission to fight back against this disease and the people it touches.

Originally from Philadelphia, Mary Kate relocated to the DMV last winter to embark on a new career path with Gilbane Building Company. But even as she pursued her new professional aspirations, she never lost sight of her passion for cancer research and advocacy. When asked about the importance of cancer research, Mary Kate explained that it’s a cause that touches so many lives, and therefore, it’s imperative to support research efforts that could bring us one step closer to a cure.

“When you realize just how many people have been affected by cancer, it becomes less of a “why” and more of a “why not?”. Why wouldn’t you support cancer research if it meant that we were one step closer to a cure?”

Mary Kate Nihill, Lead Volunteer

Mary Kate’s unwavering commitment to the cause led her to join forces with BellRinger. She attended her company’s happy hour event co-hosted by BellRinger, and from that moment on, she knew that this was a movement she had to get behind. Mary Kate quickly joined Team Gilbane, a group of like-minded people who shared her passion for making a difference in the fight against cancer.

Throughout the year, Team Gilbane hosted various events to help their Riders meet their fundraising commitments. These gatherings not only raised money for cancer research, but they also brought the team closer together, creating a sense of community and shared purpose that made all the difference when they took on BellRinger together. By the time October came around, Team Gilbane had grown to include ten Riders and eight volunteers ready to take on BellRinger Weekend.

As a Lead Volunteer for Team Gilbane, Mary Kate played a crucial role in the success of the Potomac rest stop, the very first rest stop on BellRinger’s route. Despite the early morning wake-up call, Mary Kate and her team sprang into action, setting up snack tables, preparing bike racks, and so much more. When the Riders began to arrive, Mary Kate and her fellow volunteers greeted them with an overwhelming level of enthusiasm and support, providing snacks, refreshments, and motivation to keep them going.

Mary Kate’s dedication to the cause is an inspiration to all who know her. Her unwavering commitment to cancer research and her uncanny ability to bring others together made all the difference in BellRinger 2022. Mary Kate will be back in action for BellRinger 2023 as a returning volunteer for Team Gilbane. As she looks forward to BellRinger 2023, Mary Kate is excited to once again join forces with Team Gilbane, to meet new Riders, cheer on her teammates, and help make this year’s ride a resounding success.

May 2, 2023

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