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Cancer Advocate Finds his Community on a Bike

New to Washington, D.C., Noah Gearhart makes a commitment to ending cancer through BellRinger

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Two BellRinger riders smiling in front of the start line in the morning

For as long as he can remember, Noah Gearhart has been passionate about giving back to those affected by cancer in his community. His father served as a nurse in the local hospital’s oncology unit and infusion center, helping cancer patients through chemotherapy treatments. Noah witnessed the far reaching impact of a cancer diagnosis that extends far beyond the patient. Before graduating from Penn State University, Noah dedicated much of his undergraduate career to THON, a student-led organization that raises funds and awareness for children and families impacted by cancer in Hershey, PA.

As a newer arrival to the DMV, he was looking for a way to continue his efforts to end cancer in his new community, and BellRinger served as just that. Cycling has been a hobby of his for years, but BellRinger ignited a fire within him to take this hobby to the next level. Noah rode 50-miles in our Inaugural Ride this past October, and is challenging himself to Ride the 100-mile course this fall in BellRinger 2023.

“The only way we are going to crush cancer in our community is by coming together and helping the top minds at Georgetown Lombardi find a cure.”

Noah Gearhart

BellRinger rider smiling in a bike helmet at sunrise

His favorite part of the 2022 ride was the opportunity to meet so many different people. College students, cancer survivors, talented cyclists, and other community members alike who all came together for one goal. He is excited to expand upon these relationships in 2023 and meet even more people in the community who are similarly driven to see an end to cancer.

“By riding in BellRinger, I am pushing myself to go the extra mile for an incredible mission. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death throughout the world. With the money raised from BellRinger, we can help doctors and researchers take the huge problem that is cancer and break it down through new and innovative life-saving research – immediately. That is why I Ride.”

March 1, 2023

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