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Challenge Accepted: Brittany Strong’s Story

After a series of moves from city to city, Royal Ringer Brittany Strong settled into Washington, determined to find her place in the world. Taking on her first 50-mile Ride this October, Brittany is committed to making a difference in the lives of those effected by cancer.

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Brittany Strong and Family

After years of traveling,  first year BellRinger Rider and Royal Ringer Brittany Strong settled into Washington, determined to find her place in the world.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Brittany has jumped around the US in tandem with her husband since her early 20’s, as he is active duty in the military. She originally worked as a teacher in Las Vegas before relocating to Omaha, Nebraska to take on a new career. Around this time, she was diagnosed with lupus; with all of the side-effects that came with her diagnosis, she unexpectedly found relief through CrossFit and other forms of physical activity, which initially seemed like too much of a challenge given her diagnosis.

Determined to carve a new path, her curiosity led her to a unique teaching role focused on Native American advocacy. This position provided an avenue to engage with students in a more holistic manner, creating meaningful interactions with those who share her cultural heritage. For six years, Brittany flourished in this capacity, gaining insight into her own ancestry and nurturing her connection to her roots.

Brittany spent a chunk of the pandemic pregnant with her now three-year-old son, and while it marked the beginning of a new chapter, it was accompanied by the news of yet another move, this time to Washington, D.C. An opportunity at Georgetown University surfaced through a neighbor’s suggestion, and she became a Program Manager for the Business and Management Cluster in the School of Continuing Studies.

Brittany’s path towards fitness and well-being expanded from Crossfit to taking up cycling once she moved to the area. While she considers herself a novice in the cycling world, she’s found joy in leisurely rides and the personal growth that comes with pushing her limits. Upon hearing about the BellRinger, it soon became a bridge for Brittany, as it was a way for her to challenge herself, but to also support a cause that has touched her life like it has for so many others.

Having lost her grandmother to pancreatic cancer and her father to liver cancer, she’s all too familiar with cancer’s far-reaching impact. These experiences instilled a strong belief in the necessity of continued research to develop new treatments. Working in Omaha, she collaborated extensively with the indigenous community on cancer research, a topic that hits close to home due to members of her family passing away from cancers more prevalent among native people. This background underscores her belief in the importance of education, awareness, and accessible healthcare for all.

Brittany’s motivation is a blend of hope for a future with improved early intervention and treatment options, along with a desire to alleviate the disparities in healthcare access based on socio-economic status and geographical location. She envisions a world where cancer research leads to more effective treatments, reducing the suffering that people endure during their battles against cancer. Through BellRinger, Brittany seeks to contribute to a positive change in cancer care, driven by the conviction that everyone deserves access to life-extending and enhancing treatments, irrespective of their background or circumstances. With these aspirations in mind, she has committed to raising $5,000 as a Royal Ringer in BellRinger.

Amidst the responsibilities of being a mother to her three-year-old son, a wife, Brittany values the opportunity BellRinger provides to carve out something that’s truly her own way to make a difference. As she progresses in her BellRinger journey, Brittany anticipates more milestones, personal growth, and the opportunity to cross the 50-mile finish line with her family cheering her on this fall.

August 23, 2023

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