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For the Future of His Family

25-mile Rider David Marble rides for the third time in BellRinger 2024 with team Georgetown to the Finish.

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“Everyone I know either knows somebody who has had cancer or has lost someone to cancer. When you think about it that way, why wouldn’t you want to do something to change that?”

In October of 2022, 25-mile Rider David Marble stood at the start line during BellRinger’s Inaugural Ride not sure what to expect. As a newcomer at the time to the Georgetown University staff in the Office of Advancement, David was eager for any opportunity to take part in something with his colleagues and friends outside of their office. Based in Herndon, VA with his wife and two daughters, he was continually looking for new ways to connect with not only his team on a deeper level, but also for a way to make a deeper impact on a cause that has affected him since his childhood.

David grew up in a large family, always surrounded by different aunts, uncles, and cousins who played a role in shaping who he is today. After marrying his wife, Nicole, and having their two little girls Addison & Mia, their family continued to grow in size and responsibility. Becoming a parent was one of the most rewarding experiences for David, but it has forced him to be more aware of what the future could hold.

At a time in life where David’s main focus was playing outside, meeting new friends at school, learning what sports and hobbies he was interested in, he was unfortunately sucked into a reality that no child should ever have to face. Being told that his mother had lung cancer is something that still sticks with him to this day. David’s mother ultimately passed away during his childhood, and the loss continues to influence him as he thinks about the life he wants to provide for his own children.

“I’ll never forget being told when I was little that my mother had cancer. It’s a unique yet unfortunate part of my story, and will always be a reason I support a cause like BellRinger.”

After hearing about BellRinger through his colleagues in the office, he decided to join his colleagues’ team, Georgetown to the Finish, in BellRinger’s Inaugural Ride. Like many others, he doesn’t consider himself part of the cycling scene, and doesn’t have time to train outside of work and family life. He borrowed a bike from a friend in year one and took on a new challenge. While he couldn’t figure out how to lower the seat of his very tall friend’s bike and had to reach for the pedals the entire Ride, it wasn’t what he took away from the experience.

From seeing groups of Georgetown students decked out in Lederhosen at rest stops to riding alongside colleagues and old friends, he felt the camaraderie of a community brought together by one common goal. He was able to meet new people and partake in the positive energy of the day, no matter where he was on his 25-mile journey. He saw how BellRinger was able to expand its reach beyond the bounds of just Georgetown Lombardi and Georgetown University, bringing together thousands of people for a few hours on a chilly Saturday afternoon.

“When it came time to register for year two, one of my first thoughts was the hills I had to endure the previous year. Those things were massive and felt like Pikes Peak at points,” David shared. “But I realized I spent a few hours of my morning riding a bike, which in the grand scheme of things was not that hard to do (even with no training), and gave my team something to talk about for weeks after the Ride. The hills didn’t mean much to me at that point, as battling cancer is much more difficult to handle. Returning was a very easy decision to make.”

Tackling a slightly less hilly route during BellRinger 2023 on a 1975 stump-jumper borrowed from a friend, he joked about his second experience taking on the 25-mile route. “One thing that has kind of become a weird theme in my rides, accidentally, has just been riding a bike that I have absolutely no business riding.” Looking forward to BellRinger this fall, he laughed, “I have to top it this year. Not a unicycle, but probably close enough.”

David will be joining Team Georgetown to the Finish for his third year this October. Over the past three years, Georgetown to the Finish has raised over $77,000 with 55 Riders from all across the country.

“From lining up at the start line to even spending the first few miles together chatting about anything and everything has given me the opportunity to share more experiences with my colleagues and friends. We get to celebrate making it through the route and raising money needed for cancer research. The conversations and stories told last weeks after the Ride is over. I’m excited for the energy to build up as we approach the Ride and to do it again together.”

March 28, 2024

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