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Jaime’s BellRinger Journey

Lead Volunteer Jaime Garvey reflects on her first BellRinger experience and her aspirations for Ride Weekend this October

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BellRinger rider on her bike the beach

Lead Volunteer Jaime Garvey has been a part of the BellRinger community since the very beginning. Working as the Assistant Director of Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) Special Events, she is responsible for planning signature fundraising events for Georgetown Lombardi and the GUMC. Originally from the small town of Welcome, North Carolina, Jaime has been living in the DMV for the past five years. Between her love for event planning and assisting the BellRinger Team in the early planning stages in 2021, she was ready to take on BellRinger Weekend in 2022 as a volunteer, cheering on more than 850 Riders on their journey to end cancer.

​​When reminiscing about BellRinger’s Inaugural Ride, Jaime’s mind immediately rushes back to the electric atmosphere created by every Rider, volunteer, and bystander. As a volunteer at the 25-mile finish line, Jaime was able to witness firsthand the raw emotion of those who just finished their Ride to end cancer. She cheered as they crossed the finish line with faces contorted with a mix of exhaustion and triumph. She saw tears of joy streaming down cheeks, heard cheers ringing out from the sidelines, and felt the warmth of hugs shared between friends and strangers alike. From this moment, Jaime knew BellRinger would become a staple in her yearly calendar.

Jaime is excited to witness the remarkable growth of the BellRinger community in 2023. She awaits the opportunity to embrace new and familiar faces this October and learn about their individual journeys that led them to BellRinger. The passion and dedication of those who have chosen to participate in BellRinger as a symbol of their cancer journey serves as a profound inspiration to Jaime, filling her with gratitude for the opportunity to unite as one community in the fight against cancer.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to gather as one community with BellRinger to honor and celebrate unique stories while ensuring that the fight against cancer continues to make real progress.

Jaime Garvey, Lead Volunteer

For anyone looking to get involved in BellRinger, Jaime’s advice is simple: Do it! Whether you are interested in riding or volunteering, there is a place for you in the BellRinger community. Jaime personally found that volunteering was the best way for her to support the community, but everyone’s experience will be different, and there are many ways to get involved. She is looking forward to another successful year and is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a special weekend.

April 6, 2023

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