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DC’s Cycling Concierge uses his love for cycling to give back to his community through BellRinger

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BellRinger rider riding their bike leaving a parking lot

Jeff Miller is a cycling enthusiast who has been passionate about riding his bike since he was a kid growing up in Illinois. He remembers getting his first real bike as a high school graduation present and quickly falling in love with the feeling of the wind rushing past him as he pedaled through the streets. During his college years in Maine, Jeff became even more deeply involved in cycling, using his bike to explore the beautiful natural surroundings and connect with the local community.

It was during this time that Jeff began to see cycling as a tool that could help solve many of the world’s problems. He studied environmental sciences and human ecology, and his research and experience on his solo bike tours convinced him that bicycling was an important part of the solution. Jeff’s travels also inspired him to become involved in bicycle and pedestrian advocacy, and he spent over 20 years heading up community, state, and national biking and walking organizations.

In 2008, Jeff moved to Washington, DC, to continue his advocacy work. However, eight years ago, he became a foster parent and decided to take a break from his career to be a stay-at-home dad to his toddler twins. From this experience, Jeff founded DC Cycling Concierge, a business that combines his love of cycling, his passion for DC, and his hospitality skills. As a cycling tour guide, Jeff gets to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors from all over the world, showing them the best biking routes, the most scenic views, and the hidden gems that only a true local would know.

BellRinger rider and his daughters on a sidewalk
BellRinger rider riding their bike on a road waving

Jeff’s involvement with BellRinger began when Chris Timko, BellRinger’s Executive Director, reached out to him to see how he could help expand BellRinger’s reach and support the Ride. Jeff is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with stage four melanoma in his early 20’s, and saw this as a great opportunity to get involved and bring his expertise to bear on an important cause.

Jeff’s love of cycling is evident, but his love of people is even greater. He uses his passion of cycling to teach and empower others to feel confident on their bikes and to enjoy the experience they are embarking on. Together with his colleagues, Jeff and a few friends created Dream Rides, a team that assisted with several aspects of the BellRinger’s Inaugural Ride, including leading BellRinger’s training rides! BellRinger training rides are open to riders of all skill levels, and with the help of Jeff and his team, Riders are encouraged to use their bikes as a means to give back to their community and Georgetown Lombardi. He has helped to make BellRinger what it is today, and he is excited to see the growth of the Ride for years to come.

When October rolled around, riding with the support of his Dream Rides team in BellRinger 2022 proved to be an incredible experience. He had a blast riding alongside his colleagues, and their support and encouragement made the training rides much more enjoyable. Jeff loved the Opening Ceremony celebration, but it was the Ride itself that truly amazed him. A moment he recalled that he was especially touched by was the heartwarming scene at the 25-mile finish line, where a mother who was a fellow cancer survivor crossed the finish line with her husband and young children cheering her on. Moments like this made Jeff feel even more committed to supporting BellRinger and Georgetown Lombardi.

“I know with so many people seeing what a great Ride BellRinger is, it will grow with more participants, more training, and raising more money for Georgetown Lombardi.”

Jeff Miller, 100-mile Rider

Despite having ridden in hundreds of charity rides and events, Jeff believes that BellRinger was easily the best ride of the year for him in 2022, and he can’t wait to help with BellRinger 2023 and get even more people involved. As a survivor, Jeff considers himself very privileged to have had the opportunity to bike in so many amazing and beautiful places through the course of his life. He hopes that by participating in events like BellRinger, he can inspire others to get involved and make a difference in their communities. Jeff’s passion for cycling and advocacy is truly inspiring, and his dedication to making the world a better place through biking is something that we can all aspire to.

We encourage you to come out and join us on a BellRinger training ride to meet the legend himself!

May 4, 2023

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