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Spring Training Made Easy

There is no better time than the present to get those wheels moving to train for BellRinger Weekend

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Two BellRinger riders riding their bikes on a scenic road smiling

BellRinger is a community that welcomes Riders of all kinds — avid cyclists, casual riders, or people who just hate cancer.

Whether you’re hoping to up your Ride distance this year, finish the same route with more time to enjoy the post-Ride celebration, or just want an excuse to get back out on your bike, everyone can benefit from some training in advance of BellRinger Weekend.

For our 25-mile Riders, training for BellRinger Weekend doesn’t need to be a major feat. We’d recommend getting out there a few times in the lead up to BellRinger Weekend and riding some moderate distances (15-18 miles) to get comfortable being on your bike for a longer period of time. Remember that during BellRinger Weekend, you’ll receive support at rest stops and along the route to push you across the finish line. Check out our library of training routes for places to ride during your training.

For our 50 and 100-mile Riders, you’ll want to ensure you’ve gotten some more thorough training under your belt before BellRinger Weekend. We’d recommend starting with some moderate distances (15-18 miles) in the spring and summer and building your way up to longer distances (30-45 miles for 50-mile Riders and 70-80 miles for 100-mile Riders) in the lead up to BellRinger Weekend in the fall. You’ll want to feel comfortable with your bike, other riding gear, and determine what kinds of clothes you feel most comfortable in to take you the distance.

We don’t expect you to take on this journey alone! Training is much more fun when it’s done with the people you surround yourself with. Whether you loop your favorite route with some friends, host a workout class to get your muscles moving with your colleagues, or take your furry friend for a stroll, small bouts of activity over the next few months will get you ready to take on the Ride in October.

BellRinger will begin to host training rides around the DMV starting in April! We only require you to bring 3 things: a bike, a helmet, and a positive attitude! You don’t need to be a registered Rider to train with us, but we hope after you complete your training Ride with members of our community, you’ll be inclined to sign up right away.

For more information on the ways you can start your training, check out our Training Page!

March 1, 2023

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